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Our fine Sausages and smoked products can also be found here!


  • Country Roots

1577 Henderson Hyw.

Winnipeg, Mb R2G 1N6

Neumann's Market

2659 Henderson Highway


  • Roblin Quality Meats

5606 Roblin Blvd.

Winnipeg, Mb R3R 0H2


  • Sobeys

94 - 7th Avenue

Gimli, Mb R0C 1B0


  • Stonewall Family Foods

330 3 Avenue South

Stonewall, Mb R0C 2Z0


  • Lundar General Store

4 Main Street

Lundar, Mb R0C 1Y0


  • Ashern Co-op

53 Main Street

Ashern, Mb R0C 0E0


  • Moosehorn Co-op

1 Main Street

Moosehorn, Mb R0C 2E0


  • Rawluk's

24 1st Street

Gypsumville, Mb R0C 1J0


  • J & J Store

Fraserwood, Mb R0C 1A0


  • Bigway 2010

36 3 Avenue Southeast

Teulon, Mb R0C 3B0


  • Riverton Co-op

39 Riverton Avenue

Riverton, Mb R0C 2R0

  • Arborg Co-op

316 Main Street

Arborg, Mb R0C 0A0


  • Ukrainian Farmers Co-op

22 Tache Street

Fisher branch, Mb R0C 0Z0


  • Peguis Family Foods

Peguis, Mb R0C 3J0


  • Eriksdale Shop Easy

Railway Avenue

Eriksdale, Mb R0C 0W0


  • Eriksdale Co-op

Railway Avenue

Eriksdale, Mb R0C 0W0


  • Stevenson's Foods

56 Main Street

Lundar, Mb R0C 1Y0


  • Ashern Foods

12 Main Street

Ashern, Mb R0C 0E0


  • Portage Family Foods

1881 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg, Mb R3J 0H3


  • Thompson Co-op        Thompson Mb                                 

  • Lake Manitoba Gas Bar           Lake Manitoba                             

  • C.C.L.

Woodlands, Mb R0C 3H0


  • St. Ambroise General Store

St. Ambroise, Mb R0H 1G0


  • Interlake Depanneur

St. Laurent, Mb R0C 2S0

  • M.T.T Service

 St. Laurent, Mb R0C 2S0


  • Park Place Meats & Grocery

Stitt Street

Winnipeg Beach, Mb R0C 3G0​​

  • St. Martin Family Foods

St.Martin, Mb

  • Cantors Meats  ( 3 locations)     1445 Logan Ave, Winnipeg

  •   500-1615 Regent Ave (Freshco)

  •  920 Jefferson Ave (Freshco)





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